Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Morning Work FREEBIE!

Greetings friends! I have looked high and low for morning work for my students. There are several great things available online, but I was seeking something more independent for my students. I didn’t want to have to explain each section every day. I created this set to buy me 5-10 minutes each morning to do attendance and lunch count. J My thought process when creating this was to explain the objectives on Monday, and repeat the same concepts for the remainder of the week. Each week has a duplicated worksheet with minimal changes so students can be independent. Each day students will color the day of the week at the top. Since our pacing guides may be different, you can follow your students and choose the week’s work based upon their needs. My goal is that my students will not need to ask me questions past Monday. For early finishers, I have my students turn their paper over and write a sentence and illustrate it. After creating set one (which is my best seller) I had a ton of requests for a second set. This second set skills continue from the first set. The great thing about it is that you can go back and repeat any week as necessary. You can also put these worksheets in a center or send home as homework too. Here is a one week preview FREEBIE for you to try in your classroom. Click the picture to download it. I hope you love it! 

In other news...

I have been organizing my classroom a little at a time to keep sanity. Here is last weeks project.
I LOVE Labels. Seriously, love them long time.

Now that it is finally warm, my daughter (AKA Ariel...she thinks she is a mermaid for realz) finally got to swim in her tail that we got her for Christmas. Ha! Her new thing is when I tell her to do something, she responds with "I'm a mermaid, I do what I want!" Ha! She is just playing around but I'm pretty sure that this is not normal 18 year old behavior. LOL I think if she was hired for birthday parties all summer she would be in heaven! 

That's all I've got for now. Be back later. SIX MORE WEEKS until SUMMER! To say I am excited is an understatement. Let the marathon begin!

Love and virtual hugs!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Greetings friends! I created this 5 Star Writing page for my students as a self accountability piece. Each morning after completing our morning work, my students write a story on the back of their paper.  I've shared a few examples below. J We usually take one minute to vote on the topic (camping, fishing, storms, etc. ) and I write six vocabulary words on the board to help them with spelling.  The remainder of their writing must be word wall words or words they sound out on their own.  Before turning in their work, I have them check their mini chart to make sure they have completed all stars  of their writing.  This has provided a great visual for this quick writing activity.  During Writer’s Workshop, students get to choose what they write about.  Morning work is teacher directed.  They use the chart for both times. J I have a larger poster on the front board and keep the smaller charts on our supply bench so students can access them at any time. I hope you love this as much as I do! J Click the pictures to take you to the free download. :)

Happy Sunday! Love and virtual HUGS!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Girl Talk Book Study: Week TWO

I am really enjoying reading Girl Talk by Jen Hatmaker.  This week touched my heart in so many ways. Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with kindergarten. Check back tomorrow for that!

Day One: It’s Always Best To Tell The Truth

There are no truer words than The Truth Will Set You Free!  I think I give the gift of honesty freely to everyone I meet, except myself. Real talk.  Sometimes it’s easier to live in the gray area, my make believe world.  The truth is that I can’t always hand the truth life throws my way.  “Truth is the front door to the warm, inviting home called GRACE.”  Lord knows I need grace. I don’t deserve it but I need it.  This was a great reminder that Jesus knows my struggles, the whole truth, nothing but the truth and loves me anyway. 

Day Two: Lies We Tell Ourselves

Oy. I’m a master at this.  I think I go back and forth with this one, one extreme to another. I tell myself that I am scared or I live in fear.  I wish I had more of a gray area here.  I’m confident or I’m a hot mess.  I feel beautiful or I loathe myself. I think some of the lies we tell ourselves are for our own protection.  I want to tell myself that they like me even though in my heart of hearts I know that is not true. Sometimes it’s easier to live that way but that’s surface living. There is no meat in that life. Another big lie is that “I can do this myself.” Um, have I met myself? Yes, I am a pretty strong, independent person BUT much of my life needs a support system. I don’t always have one but I need people.  I also need to be needed.

The “What if” game. Seriously, she is in my head. Ha! I have to slap myself around often because it is SO EASY to get sucked into the what if game. You are borrowing trouble here. You are borrowing fear. Most importantly you are allowing “what if” to steal today’s JOY.  God set aside JOY just for you today and guess what, “What If” just stole it right out from under you! You have to tell what if, NO! Don’t live in what can be but live in what is because guess what, whatever it can be or will be, God will be there!

Day Three: Lies We Tell God

Gulp. I believe you.” I really do believe God when he tells me to wait or to stop but sometimes I do question..are you really there? I’ve been trying to have a baby for almost 14 years. I’ve been pregnant twice but never made it to the finish line. I stand on God’s promise daily but I would be lying if I didn’t say that there have been moments during those 14 years when I haven’t been honest with God when I told him that I believe him.

My favorite thing Jen said in this section was “It’s okay to be honest with God. We can tell him how we feel about this whole thing. Your silence may be better than your dishonesty, but your truthfulness is infinitely better than your silence.” Love. Love. Love this! If I can’t be real with God, than whom can I be real with? He knows me inside and out. He knows the ugly truth, he is just waiting for me to talk about it so he can rescue me from it!

God wants real talk too. Lay it out there.  Being honest with him is being honest with ourselves. I think the hardest part is saying things out loud.  Once you say it  out loud, it becomes more real. But really, we need to be honest with ourselves and God because we can’t be a great team if one of the players is hiding in darkness. 

Day Four: Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man

Jesus is close to the brokenhearted. This is the JOY that comes in the morning. It doesn’t matter how much a mess I am, Jesus is chasing after my heart. He knows. He knows the truth.  He knows what I can’t say out loud and the weight of the world I sometimes carry. He knows. Yet, he still loves the real me.  Who else really knows the real me? My husband knows me better than anyone but I bet if you asked him a hundred questions, he would still miss a good 20. But, God is in the details. He is in every tiny truth of my life. There is no need to hide behind my guilt or shame or pretend my sin doesn’t exist. He knows. And he comes running for my anyway. How cool is that?!

Jen said, “When our friendships mimic our relationship with Jesus there is delight unheard of.”  That’s what I’m talking about! I want real, honest, grace filled friendships that can love my ugly.

Day Five: Dig In: Restless Trust

Day five was full of scripture reading and real talk with myself.  There are several things that I embraced, accepted (even a little reluctantly) and other things I accept as my truth for my life.

I’ve been rescued.

I’ve been set free.

Even when broken, I am blessed.

I trust HIM.

My life is forever changed.

I hope you are enjoying our book study.  It’s honestly nothing that I expected (though I expected greatness because I am a big Jen Hatmaker fan) and everything I absolutely need! If you are blogging about your journey too, please link up.  

I realize that this type of post is bold and out there. Probably more than you ever want to know about me. Please don’t ever take me sharing my heart as throwing my faith in your face.  Just some real talk. I am a kindergarten teacher. I blog about my classroom adventures and struggles. I’m also a wife, mom and most importantly believer.  I'm being completely vulnerable here and wearing my heart on my sleeve. Praying that it helps you learn and grow too! 

Have a great week digging deep in Week Three. Love and virtual hugs!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mother's Day Craft

I posted about this craft last year but just in case you missed it, I wanted to share it with you. 

When I was little, my mom would always tell me,  "I love you a bushel and a peck. A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck." I love that saying. I have it framed in my office because it reminds me of my childhood. I thought it would be fun to create something with it so I whipped up this little ditty. I decided to create patterns and instructions so I could share it with you. Click here or the pictures below to take you to it. 

That's all I have for now. I am in the midst of finishing and checking report cards. We have state testing this week for big kids so I'm sure it will be loads of fun (that is sarcasm at its finest, ha). Praying for all teachers and kids this week. 

Love and virtual hugs!!