Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Investigations FREEBIE!!

Pumpkin week is my absolute favorite! My students each bring their own pumpkin, whatever size they want. During the week we measure, weigh, graph, and well everything you can think of with these pumpkins. On Friday, parents come and we carve every single pumpkin. Gasp! I know! But, I will say that it is the biggest turn out of the year and everyone has a blast.  I hope you enjoy this download and have fun graphing. Even if your students don’t bring pumpkins to school, you can bring three and let them choose which their favorite is. J  You can also purchase the complete unit here. Here is the preview of my Pumpkin Investigation Unit for $3.

Head over to Freebielicious to download this freebie. Just click the picture to take you there! 


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  1. Great pumpkin unit. Will definitely check it out! We also love your blog post about how you introduce science!! We love, love science with kinder babies!! They are so excited about learning and experimenting! -Page and Cristy