Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Read to Self & other STUFF!

I forgot to take a picture of my Read-to- Self chart but I did take a picture of our How To Read chart. Here it is. (that's me, lol)

So, guess what? My kids have read for 20 minutes for the last two days? Can you believe it? I am so flipping excited. It’s the only peaceful time we have all day, lol but it’s a whole whopping 20 minutes. I haven’t bought enough baskets yet for each of my students (thought that is on the to do list this week) so I let them choose five readers that they put in a gallon ziplock bag. That is currently their “read to self” bag. I did go to Dollar General this weekend and found these small baskets that I would love to use but I wanted to make sure they would work before I bought 24 of them.  When we start read to self, everyone finds their spot (at least a body space away from anyone). They can sit at a table or on the floor. They can lay on their back or tummy or sit upas long as they are reading. Everyone picks a spot, takes out all of their books (because I don’t want to hear noisy bags the whole time) and then I start the timer.  I found a free online timer that I project on the front board. When it starts, everyone knows it’s time to read. No one talks, plays, or gets up. They take their stamina seriously and I love it! Most of them can’t read a word, but they stay so engaged in their books.  I can’t wait until they can actually read!! Are you doing Daily 5? How is it going? I have struggled some with finding time for traditional centers and D5 but I feel like the bumps in the road should become fewer and fewer each weeksuch a learning curve!

So, I will end with another funny from my blog Facebook. I hope you are following. This one is from Laura Starnes. She writes “My favorite so far this year, is my kiddo who I just passed out a sight word activity to. I was finishing passing it out and coming back to the front to give direction and as I pass him, I see him looking at the activity with a very puzzled expression and then he blurts out, "what the hell?!" I almost had to walk out of the room from laughing.” J Thanks for sharing Laura. Now I will leave you with my favorite photo find of the week. So true!

Oh, I almost forgot. I am having a scentsy party if you want to join in. I LOVE scentsy. I would tell you how many warmers I have but you may send me to some stupid 12 step program, ehem. J I just love for everything to smell yummy! I used to have one in my classroom but they banned all plug ins because of electricity. Don’t get me started on that! Now I use the scentsy spray in my room so I still get the good smells (opposed to the alternative which can be sometimes lethal!). Anywho, if you are the market, join in on the fun. Here is the link:https://alissamakesscents.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Buy?partyId=107088770

 Oh, one more thing. LOL! I updated my Jr. Scientist Unit so if you have already purcahsed it, go and re-download it to get the upgrade for free. :) I added lots of great pages and seven experiements. I have six more experiments to add still so it will end up being huge when I am done with it. :) Click on the picture for more details. THANKS to everyone for leaving me such great feedback too. I know science can be tough but I love it and want to make it easier for others. :) 

Ok, that's it. Seriously. LOL. Love and virtual hugs! 


  1. I hoping you will post your read to self chart soon?...Please??? :-) Thank you!

  2. I love that your babies are already reading for 20 minutes wow! I hope mine will get there soon :) have a beautiful week!

  3. I love your idea for reading time. I may have to start that with my kids to. such a clear way to start them reading. 20 mins wow! i'm lucky if my kids can do anything for that long this early in the year. My kids aren't reading yet either but finally know how to hold a book, and a few are ready to read cvc words so we are getting closer.

    thanks for sharing!

  4. If I run something like this, I can imagine the kids go crazy and run around instead. Oh Well...